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What is Muay Thai Oil and what are the benefits?

Muay Thai Oil Athlon Rub


Muay Thai oil also called Muay Thai Boxing liniment is a liquid (or sometimes cream) made of Methyl Salicylate (WinterGreen) that helps alleviate pain and help in pain management associated with training and competing in many combat sports. It has multi-uses other than just alleviating pain, it helps to warm the muscles during stretching, reduces swelling, and aids in recovery.

Do only fighters use Muay Thai Oil?

No, thai oil is used by many other athletes such as runners, cyclist, football players and other sports. You don't even have to be an athlete to receive the benefits. Physical therapist also use it to help in the recovery of their patients. It is even prescribed to patients with rheumatoid arthritis(1). 


thai oil also used in other sports


What is Muay Thai Oil made of?

The main ingredient in many thai oils is WinterGreen (Gaultheria procumbens) which is a plant found primarily in North America first used by Native Americans to help treat respiratory infections. The leaves were also eaten by the Native Americans to increase lung capacity and endurance. Today the Wintergreen oil is used in many products to alleviate pain. (2)

There are different companies that produce these oil or derivative of such as Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil, Athlon Rub, and Icy Hot. Each has their own unique blends with different ingredients and concentrations please be sure to read the back of their labels to learn more and make sure your not allergic to any ingredient.

Wintergreen muay thai oil plant

How does Muay Thai Oil Work?

Thai oil is made out of methyl salicylate, a compound found in Wintergreen, which gets absorbed by your skin rapidly. It numbs the area and promotes blood circulation, providing a warm sensation to your body. The oil will penetrate deeper into the tissues to provide more beneficial effects such as muscle relief and faster healing.


Is Muay Thai Oil Safe?

Please consult with a physician prior to using any new substances. It may interact with certain medications or you may have an allergic reaction to certain chemicals in the oil.

Aside from that as long as you follow the instruction on the bottles it should be ok.


What does Muay Thai Oil smell like?

Thai oil has a very distinct smell. If you ever have used products like Icy Hot chances are you know the smell. It's a pungent minty smell combined with a hint of Eucalyptus it's not too strong but definitely noticeable.


Sport Muscle Pain Relief muay thai

Where can I buy Thai Oil?

Thai Oil can be purchased from all the major market places. Use this link to purchase Thai Oil 


Purchase Thai Oil



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