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What are the Different Types of Sparring Headgears

There are quite a few varieties of headgear to choose from each with it's own unique characteristics. Below we will give you a brief breakdown of the different type of boxing headgear, weighing in both the pros and con, as well as giving you examples and pricing. 

*Please note these are not all the different type of headgear this is just a general breakdown. Each headgear type we have chosen has derivatives that we will briefly discuss, but we can't talk about all. If you have any further questions please leave in the comments below.

Open Face Headgear

What are the Different Types of Sparring Headgears

The open face headgear is the first variety of headgear we will discuss. They provide the greatest field of vision with minimal and sufficient protection. Downside to this type is they leave a lot of your face and nose exposed to strikes which can cause bruises and bleeding. Price for these type of headgear start off at $49.99. They are also widely available. 

*If you suffer from claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) you may want to consider this type of headgear because it is the most open of the three.

Boxing Headgear with Cheek Protection (Mexican Style)

Boxing Headgears with cheeks. Cleto Reyes, Rival, Everlast

This is the second type of headgear on our list. They are the Mexican style headgear with cheek protection. It has more protection than the open face and slightly reduces the visibility. The main benefit of these is it provides more protection to majority of your face, but it still leaves your nose exposed. They are typically more expensive due to its specialized characteristics making them a little more difficult to find.


Rival RHG30 Headgear - Grey - 
Cleto Reyes Mexi-Style Headgear 

Full Face Headgear (Face Savers)

Best boxing headgears with metal bar for extra protection

The Full Face Headgear, also called face savers, provide the most protection out of all headgear, major downside is they significantly reduce visibility. Typically worn by professional boxers, medical doctors, lawyers, and office workers because they protect your face reducing the chances of getting a black eye. Another great benefit is they protect your nose with its built in metal bar (some feature plastic/nylon bars). They aRe also more expensive due to their specialized nature, they start off around $99.99 and above.



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