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How to Clean Leather Gloves and Maintain your Boxing Equipment

Cleaning Boxing Gear and leather Gloves

Purchasing high-quality boxing equipment can be a significant monetary investment and therefore it is important to take special care to maximize their longevity and durability.
We here at MSM have curated a quick care maintenance guide for your boxing equipment. Most of the requirements are free, readily available household products, or can be purchased if needed.

This information has been compiled from a mixture of personal experience, customer feedback, and extensive discussions with manufactures.

  1. Clean Your Gloves After Training! Whether they are made in synthetic or genuine leather, use with a clean damp cloth to remove the excess dirt, grime and sweat.

  2. Disinfect your Gear! Spray on the same cloth a mild (alcohol free) disinfectant solution to sanitize your gear. You can use Lysol Multi Surface diluted in water, or other similar all-purpose disinfectant sprays to clean both inside and outside of your gear. Much of the foul smell comes from a combination of bacterial and fungal growth.

  3. Dry Your Gear! Use a clean dry rag to absorb the excess moisture an dry your gear as much as possible. Another popular alternative are called glove dogs, you put them inside your gloves and they deodorize and absorb excess moisture overnight. Purchase Here

  4. Ventilate your Gear! Let your gear dry in a cool and well-ventilated area overnight. It would be ideal to leave in front of a fan if possible.

  5. Wash your hand wraps! After every use. We recommend using a delicate mesh wash bag to prevent them from getting tangled in the washing machine, or hand wash them.. Think of them like socks for your hands, they protect your hand but also absorb most of the sweat and if not clean properly they can grow bacteria and cause foul odors. Purchase here

  6. Re-hydrate the Leather: Use a high-quality hypo-allergenic leather conditioner, saddle soap or Vaseline to moisturize periodically (every 1-2 months) this will rehydrate the leather to prevent drying out and cracking. This step is not required for synthetic leather equipment. 


  • DO NOT use a washing machine or submerge your leather goods or boxing gear in water as it will degrade the materials.

  • DO NOT expose your gear directly to sunlight, nor use a hair dryer or other heat source as this will dry and dehydrate the leather and overtime will crack and weaken it's properties.

  • DO NOT store your equipment in a gym bag for prolonged periods as the dark and humid environments will promote bacteria and mold growth and cause odors that cannot be removed.

  • DO NOT leave your gear outside or arounds pets, to prevent damage. 


If you have any other suggestions what have worked for you let us know in the comments below.


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