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Please read, understand, and follow specific warnings and instructions on products and in product literature or inserts
before using any product. The following terms and conditions apply to all sales and uses.


We sell and distribute products for high risk activities and are meant to provide some degree of protection. Consult your physician before starting any high risk training activity. By purchasing from us and using any of our products all users accept and assume any risk of injury or death. Be sure to inspect training products before each use and if damaged or defective stop using and purchase and replace immediately or contact the manufacture.

If you don’t agree to these terms, you have 14 days from date of purchase to return any unused products back to MSM Fight Shop.

High Risk Activity:

Products sold by MSM Fight Shop aka SGI include equipment and gear used in boxing, martial arts, mixed martial arts, fitness, weight training, muay thai, krav maga, kick-boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu and any other combat sport. Participation in any of these high-risk sports activities must be done at your own risk and under professional supervision. You agree to consult your physician and be in good health before participating in any of these high-risk activities. By buying, using, lending, or allowing the use of MSM Fight Shop’s products you understand and agree that boxing, martial arts, mixed martial arts, fitness, weight training, muay thai, krav maga, kick-boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and any combat sport are high risk activities and to the extent permitted by law, you expressly and voluntarily assume the risk of personal injury or death while participating in such high risk activities whether or not caused by negligence or other fault of MSM Fight Shop’s including but not limited to equipment malfunction from whatever cause, or any other fault of MSM Fight Shop. Additionally, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold MSM Fight Shop’s harmless from any third party claims arising from such High Risk Activities or any other products sold by MSM Fight Shop.


Replacement Warranty:

MSM Fight Shop’s warrants the products it sells to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 14 days from date of purchase, provided they have not been subjected to obvious abuse, neglect or misuse. MSM Fight Shop’s sole liability is limited to repairing or replacing products that are returned within this 14-day period or under manufacture warranty, after the 14 day period please contact the manufacture for replacement if defective. In no event shall MSM Fight Shop’s liability exceed the value of the products sold. MSM Fight Shop’s shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of any product sold through its websites, wholesale accounts or otherwise, including but not limited to its retail store or tournaments.


Trainers / Coach Duties:

Trainers and Coaches have the Duty to inform others of these Terms and Conditions and the risk of injury or death before anyone starts to use any products sold by MSM Fight Shop and you agree that (a) you will require that they (or their legal guardian if they are minors) read, understand, and agree to these Terms and Conditions of Sale or Use, (b) you believe they (or their guardian) understand that they are participating in a high-risk activity and assume the risk of death or other personal injury, and (c) you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold MSM Fight Shop’s harmless from any claims made arising from the use of products we sell.


Warning Inspect Products before each Use:

All training product have an expected use life before they need to be replaced as materials will wear out over time. Users must inspect all training equipment before each use to ensure proper function and protection. If you see that there is any visual damage do not use. If product is under warranty contact the manufacture or purchase a replacement. MSM Fight Shop’s cannot and will not be responsible for the misuse or unauthorized and improper use of products sold through any MSM Fight Shop Retail Channel including retail stores, websites, catalogs, events or any other form of sale used. Purchasers, users and participants assume all risk of injury.