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How to mold your boil and bite mouthguard

How to mold your Boil and Bite mouthguard.

Fitting your boil and bite mouthguard is a simple and straight forward process the whole process takes approximately 10 mins or less. Below we will give you some tips on how to get a proper mold to maximize protection and comfort.

Required tools:
• Water
• Pot or kettle to boil water
• Fork or big spoon
• Mirror

Step 1. Pick the right mouthguard.
It is important to purchase the correct mouthguard for your situation. Generally, a thicker mouthguard will offer more shock absorption for high impact sports like boxing, with the tradeoff that they can feel bulky. A thinner mouthguard can be used for low impact sports such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with the benefit that they are lighter weight and less obstructive.

Please keep in mind if you wear braces you need to buy a specific mouthguard that allows to be molded with metal brackets. For those with braces consult with your orthodontist prior to purchase.

Mouthguard brands that can be used with braces:
• Fight Dentist
• Damage Control

Step 2. Read the instructions provided by the manufacture.

This is a key step and one that should not be skipped. Every mouthguard manufacture has a different formula for their plastic polymer blend, so it is important to follow the boiling time. If you over boil it will ruin the mouthguard essentially making them unusable.

Step 3. Boil the water separately.
Do not heat up the water and mouthguard together. First boil the water remove from heat, then submerge the mouth guard using spoon or thongs for the manufacturer recommended time. 

Step 4. Adjust your mouthguard in front of a mirror.
After boiling the mouthguard remove with a fork and let it slightly cool on a countertop or quickly pass it under cold water for 1-2 seconds. When the temperature is safe to place in your mouth line it up so it looks even and straight then bite down firmly for approximately 10 seconds to make your imprint. Make sure to do this step-in front of a mirror to make sure the mouthguard is leveled.

Step 5. Set the mouthguard by placing it in ice water.
Once the mouthguard is comfortable and properly adjusted, place the mouthguard in cold water to set for a couple minutes.

This is an optional step; we recommend not using the mouthguard for 8-12 hours to allow the mouthguard to reharden.

Below are a couple of suggested manufacture times they recommend please check with the manufacture as these are examples and some of these times can differ. 





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