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Instructions for Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Venum Mouthguard UFC Brazil and USA mouth guard

The following instructions should work for all boil and bite mouthgaurds for all types of martial arts.

What you will need: 

1. Sauce Pan
2. Water
3. Fork or any other utensil that can scoop out the mouthguard.
3. Coffee mug big enough to fit a mouthgaurd
4. Mirror

Instructions for boil and bit mouthguards:

1. Fill pot with enough water to submerge your mouthguard in a coffee mug. Bring water to a boil.
2. Pour water into a mug and submerge your mouth guard for 25-60 secs. Do not leave your mouthguard longer than 60 seconds. (Follow each mouthguard time instructions each one has its own timing)
3. Carefully remove mouthguard from hot water with a fork or any other utensil.
4. Allow mouthguard to cool to a comfortable temperature. Do not place mouthguard in mouth immediately after boiling!
5. With the aid of a mirror adjust your mouthguard to the correct level. Bit down first with the molars then work your way to your front teeth.
6. Be sure to bit down hard in order to get correct mold of your teeth.
7. Remove mouthguard and let cool or run cold water over it.
8. Once cool put on mouthguard and make sure it has a good firm fit.
9. If mouthguard does not fit properly make sure to repeat steps 1-8.


How to mold the mouth guard right!


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