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Boxing Gloves Top 10 Most Asked Questions

Most Asked question in boxing

We understand that buying your first boxing gloves can be a little confusing and sometimes frustrating. It's completely understandable, there are so many options to choose from. Some common questions you may ask yourself is what material is more durable? Do I choose lace or velcro strap? What determines price? Do I need gloves for bag work or sparring or both?... etc.

We are going answer the top 10 most asked questions from our previous customers all around the world to help make choosing your next gloves an
easier and more educated experience.

All questions are organized in terms of frequency asked.

1.What is the best boxing glove?

This is far the most asked question in both our retail store and online by our customers. Ok, so how do we answer this? It's not as simple as saying Cleto Reyes, Grant, Winning or Fairtex.

The "best" is very subjective, because there are a lot of factors that make gloves good, but it depends on your specific needs.

We prefer to ask the customer, "what is the main purpose of the gloves and what is the price range? therefore we can give you different options to fit your specific needs. Ex: Heavy Bag work, sparring, Boxing or Muay Thai.

We will make sure to come back to answering this question below as the other questions will be sure to answer this one. We will answer it, we promise.

2.Do gloves come in different sizes?

Yes and no. Boxing gloves do not come in sizes like shoes do but they come in different weights, in ounces(oz) to be specific. The weight is determined by the amount of foam or padding that is inside the glove. More padding = Heavier glove = More protection for you hands and your opponent.

The weight of a boxing glove ranges from 4oz to 20oz (in some cases a.... 30 oz, yes we have seen this but its not )

Every brand uses there own custom glove molds and they all fit different but boxing gloves do get a slightly larger hand compartment with a heavier ounce glove.

For example:
A 12oz Everlast glove should fit you, but if it fits to tight then you should move up to a 14oz or 16oz to give you more room for you hands.

So which weight do I need? Here are rules of thumb:

  • If you are going to be sparring (fighting with a training partner), 14oz, 16oz and 18oz are recommended depending on you size and weight.
  • If you are going to be training on a heavy bag or mitt work, 12oz to 14oz should be fine.
  • Amateur Fighters use 10oz or 12oz depending on the weight class.
  • Pro fighters use 8oz or 10oz depending on the weight class.
  • Children, lets say 4-9 years old,  should use 4oz to 12oz.

But of course there are always exceptions. Always ask us if you need specific advice or ask your trainer what does he suggest. DM us on Instagram (@msmfightshop) or email us at


3. Which material is more durable?

Longevity of a glove is determined by material, craftsmanship, and personal care. We will break down the materials for you.

  • Synthetic Leather: It's less durable than leather but its also more affordable. It's also very easy to maintain but will crack or peel overtime and its has a shinny plastic feel to it.

  • Genuine Leather: It's the most popular choice because its more durable than synthetic leather yet its more affordable than full grain leather because its thinner and has been sanded to a smooth finish. Genuine leather has good flexibility and durability than synthetic leather but requires regular cleaning and conditioning to keep the leather hydrated to extend the life of the gloves.

  • Micro Fiber and Vylar : It's the latest technology in engineered leather. It has very good flexibility, it delivers superior crack, tear and abrasion resistance than leather and easy to maintain but can be just expensive as leather. A lot of companies are switching to microfiber because its better for the environment, its more cost effective and durable.

  • Full-Grain Leather: Characterized by its luxurious, smooth surface and it and minimal flaws but at a higher price. Higher end gloves like Winning, Cleto Reyes, Grant will use only the finest leather, that is thicker and with minimal imperfections for better appearance and durability but also requires regular cleaning and conditioning to keep the leather hydrated and flexible.

 It's important to understand that just because you spend $500 on a boxing glove doesn't mean it will last you 5 times longer. Just like anything its important on how you take care of the gloves.

4. Why is this glove so expensive?

Here are some factors that affect the cost of a product.
It take time to design, research and develop a product, plus the cost of labor, materials, packaging, distribution, marketing all have a cost that go into a product.

For example the most expensive gloves on the market is Grant World Wide Boxing Gloves. Why?

They are made from full grain leather (most expensive and durable leather on the market). Typically take 2-3 months to produce a custom order, they are all handmade with unlimited customization. They are an American brand that are manufactured in Mexico. Made in very small batches with high quality standards. Almost every professional fighter in his/her career has used a Grant boxing gloves for a main event. Grant is one of the most exclusive glove in the world.


  • Handmade VS Mass Produced:

    Mass Produced products that can be made in high volume  using machinery in a short amount of time with lower quality materials and cheap labor to reduce costs but quality is lower and usually have a higher defect rate and commonly made in country like China, Taiwan, Pakistan, etc.

  • Hand made products are made by han in very low quantity by a handful of very skilled crafters and using the best materials to have the highest quality products with the best finish, like you see with many high end brands from Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Mexico, etc. 

    5. How do I take care of my glove?

    Taking care of gloves is quite simple. Here are the best tips to keep them clean and smelling fresh as long as possible.

    Important to understand, smell is something that is unavoidable and is entirely dependent on the type of bacteria that lives on your skin which is determine by your genetics. These steps will help to reduce the strength of smell.

    Side note: Foul odors are a result of bacterial growth, slow or prevent the growth and eliminate the smell. Bacteria thrive in dark, wet environments.

    • Make sure to clean them with an anti-bacterial wipes after every use.
    • Dry them on the inside and outside as much as possible with paper towels. 
    • Do not leave them in a gym bag wet for a prolonged period and let them air dry.
    • Use moisture absorbent Glove Deodorizers to dry them out.
    • Do not leave them in the sun or next to high heat as it can dry and crack the leather and other materials.
    • Use handwraps with your gloves to absorb as much sweat as possible and wash your wraps after every use. 
    • Under no circumstance wash them in a washing machine or submerge them in water, unless they are designed for that purpose.

      6. What is better lace or velcro?


      We typically  recommend velcro to someone just starting out. They are the more practical out of the two. Easy to put them on and take off and does not require anyone's assistance. Perfect for fitness and boxing classes that require repeated changing workouts. One draw back on some gloves, is that it can can provide weak wrist support that needs to be supplemented with good hand-wraping.

      Lace Up

      Laces is ideal for more advance practitioners. They are suggested for sparring since they provide good wrist support and the laces won't scratch your opponent like Velcro does. The significant draw back is that they require someones assistance to lace-up like a coach or sparring partner. They are not easy to remove and may require assistance.


      7. What do I need to buy?

      Starting out in boxing does not require a lot, on the lower end you can spend as little as $50. Typically a good Synthetic glove with 2-3 hand wraps will be perfectly fine for bag work and fitness classes. We will break it down further below.

      Beginner (No sparring)

      • 1 pair of boxing gloves
      • Several pairs of wraps (at least 1 for each day of training)
        -Wraps are very similar to socks, they getting sweaty and require constant washing)
      • Optional: Boxing shoes 
      • Optional: Comfortable shorts and clothing.

        Advanced (Sparring)

        • 2 pairs of boxing gloves (1 for sparring, 1 for bag work)
          -You can use 1 for both but they will wear out a lot faster
        • 1 pair of wrap for each day of training
        • Mouthguard
        • Headgear
        • Boxing Shoes
        • Groin protection

          Amateur Boxing (Active)

          • Same as advance (sparring)
          • Competition approved headgear
          • USA Boxing annual membership fees, around $65
          • Cost of entering tournaments

            Professional Boxer:

            • To be determined


            8. Are these gloves Authentic?

            All the gear available at MSM Fight Shop is 100% authentic. We've been in business since 2011 and we are authorized distributors of over 40 brands. We offer manufacture warranty an all our products. If you ever in doubt contact the supplier and ask them if they know us.

            If you need help being able to spot counterfeit merchandise please be sure to read our another blog "How to avoid counterfeit merchandise".


            8. What glove does Mayweather use? or any other pro fighter?

            • Mayweather is most known for using Grant and Winning Boxing Gloves 
            • Manny Pacqiuo uses Cleto Reyes and Winning
            • Lomachenko uses Rival Boxing and Winning
            • Canelo uses Everlast and Winning


            10. Can I use for amateur or pro fights?

            Amateur Boxing: 

            If you are completing in USA Boxing tournaments you will need USA boxing approved gear, all approved gear will have a seal showing that it is qualified to compete. See image below.

            If you are competing internationally for amateur tournaments you will need AIBA approved gear. Some USA boxing tournaments will allow the use of AIBA gear, but always contact ahead of time to make sure.

            Ounces used 10oz - 12oz.

            Professional Fights:

            All gloves that are going to be used for professional fights must be sealed in its original packaging un-tampered. They will weight and inspect the gloves prior to the fights.

            Ounces used 8oz or 10oz.

            Answering question 1. 

            By reading all the previous answers above you will be able find the best glove for you. It's important to get a glove that is right for your specific circumstance and budget. If you are a beginner, not sure if you want to stick with it don't spend too much but understand you are sacrificing quality. For the advance person get a nice set of gloves that will last you for those long training sessions. If you are pro boxer that want to make a statement get your elite top of the line glove that will give you the protection you need give you that edge to knock out your opponent.

            In summary, we hope that by answering the top 10 most frequently asked questions customers have when buying a boxing glove you will be able to make a more educated choice. If there is a specific question we may not have answered please be sure to contact us on our social media platforms like instagram (@msmfightshop) or email us directly at INFO@MSMFIGHTSHOP.COM


            Visit MSM Fight Shop a boxing store near you.

            MIAMI, FL: 115 SE 1ST AVE, MIAMI, FL 33131 (305 400 1484)



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