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Winning Professional Velcro Boxing Gloves MS-600-B

The Winning MS600B Boxing Gloves is one of the best boxing gloves in the world in terms of exclusivity, prestige, and unrivaled quality. They are the go to gloves for professional boxers looking for a premium reliable boxing glove. They are handmade in Japan featuring an anti-impact elongated thumb made of premium Japanese leather hand double stitched with a great ergonomic fit. They are made of multi layer latex foam padding for the best shock absorption and hand protection.



Winning Japanese boxing gloves Florida
Moisture Repelling Quick Dry Liner for faster drying and reduction of microbial growth.
Winning Gloves in MIami | Winning Boxing Gloves
Double Hand Stitched Grip Bar allows for easier fist closure during striking. They do not feature a vented palm.
guantes negro winning de velcro
Balanced Weight Distribution of Padding giving the perception of a lighter glove. They weigh exactly 16oz.
Winning Japan made black velcro leather
Attached Elongated Impact Protecting Thumb. Designed to prevent incorrect thumb position during striking.
Japan made stricking gloves Velcro Winning
2.4 Inch / 6 cm Hook and Loop Velcro Wrist Support.



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