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We Have The Top 3 Boxing Gloves In The World

Top 3 Boxing Gloves In The World | Grant | Winning | Cleto Reyes


There are quite a few boxing brands out there and it can feel a bit cluttered with new brands popping up almost daily. We will help to provide you with the TOP 3 BOXING BRANDS on the market. Each brand has it's own history, traditions, and unique culture which has helped build their reputations and help to stand the test of time.

1. Cleto Reyes


Cleto Reyes Logo Miami StoreCleto Reyes has been in business since 1945 staring off in a small home in Mexico City and expanding to become a global name. Cleto Reyes is one of the two on this list that has their own factory and produces their gloves in house, meaning they have complete control in its construction from the leather they use to the cotton used for the stitching and laces. 

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2. Winning


Winning Japanese Gloves | Miami | LogoWinning is manufactured and exported from Japan it has been in business since 1937 and produces one  the most finely crafted boxing gear. They are the other on the list that produces their gloves in house and have their own factory dedicated only to the production of boxing gear. The Winning brand is one of the most exclusive and difficult gloves to get your hands on. They are made in very few batches and sold in specific locations across the world.

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3. Grant Worldwide

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Grant Worldwide is the new kid on the block being founded in 1995 in New York City. The brand has been made popular by professional boxer Floyd "Money Team" Mayweather. Their gear is made in extremely small quantities in Mexico, they are the most exclusive luxury boxing gloves in the world. You have to wait between 3-5 months for them to manufacture and deliver them to you. As you can image they have a hefty price tag. 

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