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Quick reactions is an essential skill to build for any athlete. Like any skill it can be improved with certain type of exercises and training. Traditional exercises such as using a reflex ball is a popular choices but some none traditional ways such as video games can help you in a more unique way.

Understanding what a reflex is and the limit of training:

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A reflex is a involuntary, almost instantaneous, response to a stimuli that is processed by a reflex arc which activates without the brain or conscious thought. In essence, its that electrical impulse that moves down the nervous system and it localized never reaching the brain.

Important to understand, you are able to train how the muscle behaves in response and develop "muscle memory" but you are not able to increase the rate of the impulse that is entirely dependent on your unique biology and cannot be increased.

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Steps to help you improve your reflexes.

1.It's important to establish your base line to see where you are starting from. Keep track of your times and calculate your average.

Below we will provide a small JavaScript game to get your results. Try to get a minimum of 10 different times and calculate the average*.

*Add up all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers there are. In other words it is the sum divided by the count.


Test your reaction time!

Click on the boxes and circles as quickly as you can. Your reaction time will be posted below:











Once you have your base line now its time for some reflex training exercises.

Types of reflex training exercise:

  • Video games

Video games should be an integral part of any athlete training regiment. Why? Its a good way to de-stress improves decision making, and increases reaction. Not all games are created equal we suggest intense shooters like Fortnight, Real Time Strategies like Starcraft, or MOBA's like League of Legends.


Example of fighters that are gamers and their performance. "Might Mouse" in the UFC.

Improves concentration, coordination develops the necessary muscle memory for head and body movement.

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      • Two person drills:

      What is needed?

      1. A training partner
      2. 2 different color handheld balls (Racketball, Baseball, Tenis, etc)

      You and your partner will designate catching a certain ball with a certain hand. You can only catch that ball with that hand. Toss it randomly at each other at a comfortable speed and increase slowly.

      This exercise is excellent to build concentration, attention, and hand-eye coordination.


      Sharpen your boxing skills with the Rival Reflex Ball !

      A great tool for improving hand-eye coordination as well as honing your reflexes and reaction. Improve timing and punching accuracy.

      • Adjustable Jacquard Elastic Headband;
      • 2 Rubber Balls Each with Different Elastic Tension;
      • Polyester Elastic;
      • Heavy Duty Metal Clip.


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