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New Year's Resolution: Boxing (Top 3 Reason Why To Start Boxing)

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A new year is about to begin and that means many of us are in the process of creating a new year's resolution list. On the top of those list will most likely be fitness and health. We here at MSM Fight Shop would like to recommend joining a boxing gym this upcoming year to achieve your fitness goals. Below we will give you our Top 3 reason why you should do Boxing this new year.

1. Improves health by keeping you in shape

Running on a treadmill is one of the most boring and tedious forms of exercise out there. Boxing on the other hand is a lot more exciting. It gives a more well rounded form of condition through dynamic and explosive moments. Not to mention it is very satisfying to punch things.

Boxing Punch Bag

2. Learn a new skill: Self Defense

President Roosevelt once said, "there comes a time in the affairs of men when they must prepare to defend". When or if that time shall come it is important to learn how to defend yourself. Boxing gives you the tools necessary to learn that skill. By giving to a multitude of scenarios and enough practice to help you stay sharp.

Learn new self defense

3. Improves mental health

Recent studies show a direct correlation between physical exercise and improved mental health. In our stress filled society it is important to have a safe way to destress and relax.Boxing provides you with that outlet.

To get you started we would like to give our customers a 15% off coupon so you can start learning boxing in 2017. Promo Code: LearnBoxing

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