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Cleto Reyes Limited Edition Boxing Gloves - Vintage Leather

Cleto Reyes Tan Limited Edition Vintage Leather
The New Cleto Reyes Limited Edition Boxing Gloves are now in stock at MSM Fight Shop. We are one of the few authorized dealers in the United States to carry them. They feature a vintage leather color with a unique leather that absorbs humidity more than others and can make your gloves start to look darker.
These limited edition Cleto Reyes still has the amazing ergonomics you love with a strong hook and loop velcro system for maximum wrist support.
Tan Cleto Reyes boxing gloves velcro
Micro holes are strategically placed on them and grip bar to allow airflow for improved drying and temperature control.
Guantes Cleto Reyes de cuero
Grip bar for improved wrist formation and support.
Reyes gloves made in mexico tan
Attached thumb and flat design to position your hand correctly during striking.
Luvas Cleto Reyes | limited edition
Hook and loop system for wrist support.
Cleto Reyes gloves serial number
All Cleto Reyes come with a unique serial code branded on for authenticity. This is a system unique for Cleto Reyes it shows it's pride in their quality.
*Note we edited the last digits for security purposes. 
Cleto Reyes Boxing store | Tienda de boxeo
The Limited Edition Cleto Reyes Boxing Glove is now available for purchase at MSM Fight Shop.


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