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Everlast Boxing Gloves Pwerlock Miami and Ft. Lauderdale




    For those looking for a professional grade boxing gloves around $100 USD you have a few options to choose from. Today we will be discussing and reviewing one of those options with the Everlast Powerlock Leather Training Series Boxing Gloves. We will break down important facts to help you make a more informed purchase.

    Sizing/Weight Options:

    • 12oz - 18oz


    Color Options:

  • Grey/Red
  • Red/Grey
  • Blue/Red
  • Black/Grey
  • Black/Gold
  • White/Gold
  • Black/White

    *Bolded options are metallic



    • Available in Lace as well as Hook and Loop Velcro.



    • $99.99 USD



    • Made entirely of leather, great durability
    • Waterproof liner to prevent moisture retention.
    • Made with two types of layered foam padding for greater impact absorption.
    • Less bulky and has more streamlined appearance.
    • Fast break in period, gloves will soften up and mold to your hands.
    • Has a larger 18oz option for those with bigger hands
    • Different color options to match your style
    • Better pricing when originally released they cost $150, they now have a competitive price at $99.99
    • Made by Everlast, the oldest and most recognized name in boxing.



    • Some customers have experienced peeling of the metallic finish.
    • Everlast tends to have a negative perceptions due to their lower end boxing gloves.

    -This is not true representation on their higher end professional gloves, but we added it here because its a common issue some fighters have.

    • Leather can be too thin for some.
    • If you are a heavy hitter you may want more padding.
    • You are sacrificing some quality to keep the price under $100



    We give the Everlast powerlock boxing gloves a 4/5 in terms of price to quality. You are getting a great gloves that sacrifices on some ends to keep cost down. It is a worthy investment if you see yourself needed a reliable bag or sparring glove. Where can the Powerlocks improve? A more durable metallic finish and more padding on the palm side of the gloves.

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    Everlast Gloves Leather Powerlock

    Guantes Everlast powerlock de lazo y velcro


    black and gold everlast powerlock gloves


    Everlast hook and loop gloves





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