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Everlast MX Fight & Sparring Gloves - Hand Made In Mexico

Everlast MX Boxing Gloves velcro red

Everlast is one of the most iconic and widely recognized boxing brand in the world. Their name has become synonymous with the sport and is recognized by professionals and amateurs. Starting out in the Bronx, NY in 1910 they have survived the test of time and continue to provide well made gear.


The new Everlast MX Training Boxing Gloves are a testament to their philosophy. They are the only line from Everlast that are handmade in Mexico. Made from piel planchada leather with excellent stitching. They are Everlast direct response to the famous Mexican brand Cleto Reyes.


Everlast Mexican Boxing Gloves velcro

They feature hook and loop Velcro system designed to prevent wrist hyper flexion. They give your hand the correct posture in a well thought and ergonomic environment.

**They also make this model of boxing gloves in lace**


MX Training Boxing Gloves Everlast

The padding of the Everlast MX Gloves are made from molded foam that absorbs the impact while striking. 


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The Everlast Mexican Made boxing gloves are available at MSM Fight Shop in Miami, FL.


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